I'm a Seattle-based freelance writer/journalist originally from North Texas. I'm also a substitute teacher in public education. I write about anything and everything, but usually philosophy tied to current events, science fiction and fantasy, investigative journalism, liberatory mental health, technology, justice ... the list goes on.

So far in journalism, I'm probably most known for three things. First, reporting on multiple federal defendants associated with the hacktivism/transparency movement. Their trials, what they revealed, their ideals. Second, turning emails hacked out of a private spy firm, Stratfor, into standalone stories. These articles centered on the memos themselves, not the hackers' hair-dos or hoodies. Third, I was an expert on said private spy files in the documentary film The Hacker Wars, which on rare occasion somebody recognizes me from, amusingly. However, in the end, many of the most valuable things I've ever written are simply sitting on my social media feeds and blog where autodidacts can read them, stroking their chins intellectually.

Aside from those labors and ongoing ones, content marketing pays some of my bills, so if you want me to write for you in that capacity — or some other — email me and let's talk.


October 27, 2021: I spoke at the University of Washington hacker club Batman's Kitchen. The topic was, more or less, intellectual history for hacktivists. It was an in-person talk simultaneously available virtually over Zoom. The .MP4 Zoom audiovideo file is just under two hours and fifteen minutes long, with Q&A starting at 1:48:12. Here's the powerpoint. The video is also available on my youtube channel. See my related blog post for more information.

2021: Last year I posted to my blog every weekend, or close to it, on diverse topics. Check it out!


Email: DAL@RISEUP.NET (ask for pgp key or check keyservers if you want encryption)

Snailmail: Douglas Lucas / PO Box 75656 / Seattle WA 98175 / United States

Twitter: @DouglasLucas

Instagram: @omgdouglaslucas