2012 U.S. Geological Survey figures show Mexico has about 65 billion barrels of unexploited oil, about 118 trillion cubic feet of unexploited natural gas, and about 7,200 million barrels of unexploited liquid natural gas (LNG)--combining for an estimated market value that year of $6.6 trillion dollars.

The market value of natural resources obviously fluctuates.

But the average price of oil--WTI price because closer to point of sale--for the year of 2012 was $94.05 per barrel. $94.05 multiplied by 65 billion barrels in Mexico (64,817.71986080 MMBO) makes $6.1 trillion ($6,096,106,552,908 to be exact).

The average price of natural gas--Henry Hub spot price--for the year of 2012 was 2.75 per million BTU. The 118 trillion cubic feet in Mexico is a rounding of 117,698.26 billions of cubic feet. A cubic foot of natural gas has 1,015 BTUs. ((117698.26*1000000000)*1015)/1000000)*2.75 = $328,525,274,728, or $.3 trillion.

The average price of LNG is basically figured the same as "vapor"/regular natural gas. It is nearly the same price, even though the types and volumes are different. (7,199.1 MMBNGL*1000000)*2.75 = $.2 trillion ($19,797,492,595).

$6.1 trillion oil + $.3 trillion natural gas = $.2 trillion LNG = $6.6 trillion.

You can apply this same methodology, including the same USGS survey, to determine the market value of the same resources in Iraq or any of the other countries surveyed.