Oops I missed Week 28 [OopsidentA 2 of 7]

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Wednesdays or so…This is a placeholder entry for Wednesday July 8, and yet it is also part two of seven in this thingymabopper for today I call OopsidentA!

This is a common meme of one panel. It features a very traditional cowboy as if from Texas a century ago. He has skin of white. He wears a stetson and a dramatic gray moustache. He looks up, perhaps a little smugly, at the viewer. At top, the meme says somewhat verbatim: "You say you're a genius?" At bottom, the meme says more or less verbatim: "Then figure out how to log off them virtual systems."
I made this one up using some generic meme-generator! The template’s origin is apparently somewhat disputed; and, no, I don’t want to watch The Big Lebowski (or Seinfeld).

Still moving right along…

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