Oops I missed Week 30 [OopsidentA 4 of 7]

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Wednesdays or so…This is a placeholder entry for Wednesday July 22, and yet it is also part four of seven in this thingymabopper for today I call OopsidentA!

And now for an intermission. Time-spans ago, someone molecular-ly, perhaps craning their neck in toward me through some sort of portal of my place, from their position atop the loop-de-loops of the West Seattle Bridge, that piece of highly salient failed fixed infrastructure of the often and yet not always valence-ing-ly bad United States, said this music below, Nobuo Uematsu’s “Spinach Rag,” is like the soundtrack to my life, so here goes, have a little more than 2 minutes of ragtime from the video game Final Fantasy VI (Japanese numbering) aka Final Fantasy III (USian numbering).

“Spinach Rag” by Nobuo Uematsu

The music is associated with the below-pictured scene/stage/whatever from the game.

The image depicts a scene from a mid-1990s installment of the massively popular Final Fantasy role playing games. It's an opera house, with a bit of a medieval vibe. The female character Celes, an instance of some trope so common I never bothered to learn the name, is according to the image saying something to the other characters nearly verbatim like so: "Hold on here! I'm a former general, not some opera floozy!" The other characters, the opera director, and whoever else, are all just sort of watching the proceedings, with facial expressions perhaps of befuddlement.
I didn’t actually play this version…looks as if graphic-designed for mobile…

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go update some stuff on my website, similarish-ing-ly as I have recently updated the whole ‘graphic design’ or whatever (visuals ain’t my specialty!) for my Twitter. Took me several years to figure out how to actually do that the way I wanted, without losing my damn mind (and thus, rather a long story to explain, or a short one, depending on various variables, like total word counts, whether I trust you, not to mention the ‘as needed’ stockpiles of pharmaceuticals or nukes spanning the globe in mysteriously prosocial suitcases, because they’re just pretend nukes, leading ultimately, if not throughout, to oxytocin-y snuggles).

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