Oops I missed Week 31 [OopsidentA 5 of 7]

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Wednesdays or so…This is a placeholder entry for Wednesday July 29, and yet it is also part five of seven in this thingymabopper for today I call OopsidentA!

Regarding the whole Dr. Perry C. Baird Jr. study from 1944, more regarding the context/importance of that study is explained by me in the entry on douglaslucas.com/files beginning “In August 2020”. The below picture has no alt text because it’s just a screenshot by me of the “In August 2020” entry at douglaslucas.com/files. BTW I got my little headshot thingy-ma-doodle on this website of mine updated, along with the douglaslucas.com front page News section (another route there is to click “Home” on the nav-menu above, if you want…and stuffs), during the intermission of OopsidentA 4 of 7, the blog-post of mine preceding this one! And now for the screenshot-picture:

The above is a screenshot taken by me of writing by me a few minutes ago (or an hour or two I suppose), and the image supra (not the Toyota sportscar) has no alt-text as that would be just make things worse I assume, and it’s easy enough, I hope, to go to https//douglaslucas.com/files if you need to encourage someone or make something else read my prolixity.

Two more posts to go in this OopsidentA series, I better start downshifting…

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