Oops I missed Week 33 [OopsidentA 7 of 7]

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Wednesdays or so…This is a placeholder entry for Wednesday August 12, and yet it is also part seven of seven in this thingymabopper for today I call OopsidentA!

Note2ish: I edited this post during August 2020.

Soon I hope to release, under Creative Commons, some fiction[!] short stories of mine, that I completed more than half a decade ago. I also want to post some old music of mine, completed more than 15 years ago. But I also want to sort of show off a little, my relaxing abilities, and say that another way to structure text, besides whatever this goofy pre-calc shit is about, that I’m actually starting to understand now… f(x) means function of x, and the differential coefficient thing is something about the related rates and chain rule and the Delta(x)/Delta(t), or not, because there is some sort of bullshit fudge factor in math, because only in abstraction does A equal A, but I mean, I don’t want to go on about it here, it’s probably better discussed on reddit if you poke around the twitter feeds of people not me but whose semaphorings I… you know, cuz I sorta need lessons in using an astrolabe or a sextant or something, to understand the crucial importance of the big Deities in the sky that have to do with the sun and the moon and the night and the day, it’s like the devil and the priest, they can’t exist if one of ’em goes away (thus sprache Ian Gillan)…and yet beyond, above, everywhere, there are stars and angles and non-base-tens and other sorts of non-Manichean prosocial actions…

The below-embedded music file, is me, playing an acoustic guitar handed down to me, and um, I hope it works on your enduser audio-producing device or whatever. And I’m just gonna not do too many takes, or anything like that, because the point is to wind down, pobody’s nerfect, etc. I will make the more logical lists of finding my work via this website, douglaslucas.com, at some point of some coordinate pair of some coordinate plane …. Okay, lemme go grab an audio-recording device and tune my guitar…

And let me say few last things, more seriously now —

A few days ago, Billie J. Winner-Davis, mother of Putingate whistleblower Reality Winner (currently recovering from a COVID-19 positive test while imprisoned at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth Texas), tweeted this:

Alt-text of what Billie J. Winner-Davis tweeted: “I have reached out to the @ACLU for help, only to be directed elsewhere. They know who she is, they know what she’s going through. They jumped in to assist Cohen & achieved immediate results, but wont do the same for a woman suffering inside a covid filled prison.”

I would simply like to note that I have received similar results while talking with nonprofit leaders supposedly tasked with helping journadoodles and whistleblowers. I have received similar results while talking and following up with federal and state politicians and their subordinates. Not everything that happens is on television or twitter. Some of it’s just plain molecular. After the relative ease with which I saw for years my articles about Assadnge (note the ‘d’ for yes, Syrian Assad) — I didn’t know better, back in the first half of the ’10s — and other masculinist men, articles commissioned by corporate media and their ancillaries, I feel quite comfortable in saying that there is, obviously (obviously to some!) serious misogyny throughout (read this for more if you like by someone other than me, or Ursula K. Le Guin, or…). Oh, this is a neat blog that should be read carefully. The just-over-three minutes of music I jammed out to, tonight, starts off relaxing, but for many (uh, how many?) listeners, might not end that way; indeed, it might sound anxiety-producing toward the end. Except once you know this: toward the end of this ridiculous-sounding recording (cheap device for a freelancer, y’all), I started alluding to some music composed by some (but importantly, not all) of the musicians I grew up jamming with during my teens, musicians whom I referenced in part 3 of this OopsidentA — some of them, that is. It’s hard to get out of narcissism especially when born in the United States, so I’m sorry I’ve spammed people some times with my “content”, but (if I do say so myself) people have to learn somehow… Likewise, I hope you can consider doing something practical to effectively support the projects/people I’m so often referencing. Now I’ll get out of here before I keep headbanging at one’s own risk. Thanks in advance for your patience with my ’60s-’70s weird distortion recording sound quality in the .mp3 below when you listen on a cheap device without headphones, but I kinda like it all the same, I mean, it’s not necessarily for you yourself specifically out of 7.5-something billion people, right? So if you read English (or use a translator, or some sort of Sturgeon-esque tele-empathy), or if you like this weird guitar tone of mine, etc… Rest assured, never surrender; Lettuce quote Jeremy Hammond regarding his noncompliance with a federal grand jury: “I will continue to do the right thing, no matter how long it takes. I know how to do time, and I will never be intimidated by their threats. Ever!! I refuse!!” Here was some optimism…

and here’s some music (With Headphones, Sounds Better!):

Um, I wonder if this .MP3 works if you click it, if not, just click the uh, other stuff, bibliography your way through life…

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