Sept 2018 arts internship sample post rejected by Seattle’s The §tranger: A feliz little art exhibit: Emergencia Artística

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Wednesdays or so…This is entry, like, a lot, for the week of whatever, Wednesday 9 September 2020. I mean, I’m also going back in time by posting something from two years ago!

Dear fuckheads in general as well as other human beings trying to figure out what to do with their relationships/interactions based on which campuses they fantasize I might need to work at next, here is a PDF file: like, here (2 pages), dudes and dudettes and others.

I had some interesting experiences today. First, after weeks and weeks of asking, I finally received confirmation that a payment card is being held onto properly; but, what was even more fun, was that I helped another lady jumpstart her car. I realized afterward that I had forgotten to ask for the jumper cables back, because she was cool and friendly and straightforward. So I drove back to make sure her car hadn’t exploded. It hadn’t. But now I’m out a pair of jumper cables. The weather here smells weird (yes, I know that word ends in a ‘d’), and posting this is likely gonna get me a lot of spam, or none at all. Oh well.

Here’s some Theodore Sturgeon, the famous opening to his novel More Than Human (1953):

The idiot lived in a black and gray world, punctuated by the white lightning of hunger and the flickering of fear. His clothes were old and many-windowed. Here peeped a shinbone, sharp as a cold chisel, and there in the torn coat were ribs like the fingers of a fist. He was tall and flat. His eyes were calm and his face was dead.

Men turned away from him, women would not look, children stopped and watched him.

I’m gonna go do laundry, hopefully, except probably tomorrow. Hope that’s okay with, like, humans and the Earth and the temperature and everything else. I have no idea what to put at the bottom of this for the licensing. How about Creative Uncommons? Probably more important is, there actually was an artwork at the event that was related to the Zapatistas. It was quickly removed. I asked and received squirrely answers in response from The Staff.

In other news, I forgot what I was gonna say…um…yeah.

Finally, I gotta get transported to some location within the next few days, and while I know that’s a Big Ask (since people are busy), if anyone has useful usefulness concerning that, kinda like, at some point, let me Know…


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