Lettuce debate the philosophy of Yngwie J. Malmsteen in the face of COVID-19

By the way, in earlier posts on this blawg of mine, I fucked up with regard to the hand sanitizer. While the bar soap of Doctor Bronner ineluctably vanquishes COVID-19 — I mean somewhat — and at the same time keeps, sometimes, humans, from getting contact dermatitis — unless I suppose you get lost in Mister Friedman’s shampoo and conditioner philosophies in practice — I dern got myself discombobulated when it came to reckonin’ the hand sanitizer. Seek for yourself here, wherein I typed on 23 March 2020:

one reason why health care workers in specialized settings are often using alcohol-based hand rubs (hand sanitizer). Hand sanitizer may also be better for those directly caring for patients. On a daily ordinary human level, use regular toilet soap such as bar soap.

A daily ordinary yet also amazing human in previously-existent-yet-simultaneously-continuing-as-perhaps-vastly-superior Oregon told me repeatedly just a few months back that the hand sanitizer is also extremely useful for situations where you can’t use bar soap, like say, a woman riding around on a subway-train system and needing to cleanse herself because she’s probably still fuckin’ underpaid…

I regret the error!

I’m still angry about such as this. Good thing I keep excellent notes!

Well, let’s tune out with some of these folks (below), and I’ll try to giggle and wiggle some of these buttons to get some sort of Creative Commons stuff down below. Hope everyone’s uh, doin’ gewd, and checkin’ out brilliant posts hooked up on the Notable section of this blawg. I am solving problems close to my home plate at the moment, the backstop, the catcher, so on, so forth (“Damn bats all over the place,” a Magical middle school catcher muttered last century, in the south central region of these not quite so united as before states).

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This post by me is by me, mostly, I suppose, though I’ve been shot through with the brilliance of others and yet I’m still here, carryin’ on


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