Flash Fiction for 2022 by Douglas Lucas


There's not a lot of sequential time for the bold during this sixth and human-caused mass extinction event, including its latest world war and pandemic; but in, well, short, these flash fictions are meant to do for my fiction-writing what my 2021 blog posts did for my nonfiction-writing: get my rusty productivity back to firing on all cylinders, generating an improved fiction-writing vehicle along the way. As creating them will benefit me, I hope reading them will benefit anyone and everyone (with exceptions, among them the supranational oligarchy's Fred Burton and Vladimir Putin).

I'll aim to write a new flash fiction per week, 1000 words or less. Ultimately, each will be posted in two versions: the quick complete draft, and the revised/polished one. I can figure out the timeline for that; you can figure out the URL scheme from the hyperlinks below. (You might need to refresh your browser or clear its cache when revisiting this component of my website, since it's a Web 1.0-style production.)

All pieces are self-published under the Creative Commons some rights reserved international 4.0 BY-NC-SA license (summary; full). If you want to do something commercial with these texts, email me to negotiate. But if you're running low on spray paint (or, sometimes a sad necessity nowadays, bullets), I trust you to attribute my name and URL(s) as best you can, or just straight-out run for it as soon as you need.

Owing primarily to my reluctance to install and maintain a second database on this domain, there's no comment feature. However, if you generously share your limited sequential time by emailing me your thoughts on either or both versions of any particular flash fiction, I will post them, given your consent, on the URL for that I will provide for each story, as an offering to synchronicity/divinity. I greatly appreciate thoughts posted on social media but can't guarantee I'll copy them over to here. Finally, if you do anything else cool with one of my tales, such as make visual art, a written remix, or whatever else, please send it to me, one way or another? And perhaps I can then embed or link it.

And now... from Texas and Seattle, from March 2022 ...

Time to rock and roll!

Table of Contents

Week 10 Revised:

Week 10 (13 March 2022) Draft: No matter, carry on

Week 10 Comments:

Week 11 Revised:

Week 11 (20 March 2022) Draft: Glenn of Galactic Gables

Week 11 Comments:

Week 12 Revised:

Week 12 (25 March 2022) Skipping this week

Week 12 Comments: