This is a footnote for my 30 March 2023 article The voting vendor in Reality Winner's leak is coming to Texas, published by the Texas Observer, founded 1954.

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The following bibliography and notes substantiate this portion of my article: "since passage of 2002's Help America Vote Act, which greatly accelerated computerization of elections, civil society has repeatedly warned of myriad rigging risks." The "civil society has repeatedly warned" part serves as anchor text for a hyperlink from the article to this footnote page.

The paragraph in question from my article links many such civil society sources. The ones below are meant as extras. If you are to pick just two, I suggest the Simon and Hartmann books.

Who's civil society? An Oxford Languages definition states: "society considered as a community of citizens linked by common interests and collective activity." Various sources variously list components of civil society as including individuals and various groups among the public; academia; nonprofits and NGOs; independent experts; think tanks; investigative journalists; media in general; more. But not government, and not business.

Below, multiple recommended civil society sources warning of digital rigging risks. Note that the three books all have endnotes, etc. listing many more references. Studying their accumulations of evidence will impart the understanding that when a news story of a voting computer glitch appears, it should not be automatically considered nothing but an unimportant, standalone fluke.

There are many more books, documentaries, and other sorts of valuable sources, but the above are a good way to get started.