...to my website! I'm a Seattle-based freelance writer/journalist originally from Texas. I'm also a substitute teacher in public education. I write about anything and everything, but usually philosophy tied to current events, liberatory mental health, science fiction and fantasy, investigative journalism, technology, justice, and more.


October 27, 2021: I spoke at the University of Washington hacker club Batman's Kitchen. The topic was, more or less, intellectual history for hacktivists. It was an in-person talk simultaneously available virtually over Zoom. The .MP4 Zoom audiovideo file is just under two hours and fifteen minutes long, with Q&A starting at 1:48:12. Here's the powerpoint. The video is also available on my youtube channel. See my related blog post for more information.

2021: Last year I posted to my blog every weekend, or close to it, on diverse topics. Check it out!


Email: DAL@RISEUP.NET (ask for pgp key or check keyservers if you want encryption)

Snailmail: Douglas Lucas / PO Box 75656 / Seattle WA 98175 / United States

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