The Texas Observer

Founded 1954, Austin based, with bylines over the years to such names as the late Larry McMurtry and the late Molly Ivins.

Vice News

Digital media and broadcasting company based in US/Canada.

News website founded in 1995.

The Brad Blog

Run for two decades and counting by journalist Brad Friedman of the nationally syndicated FM and AM radio show The Bradcast, the is an independent news site that has long covered computerized voting and other controversial issues with great care.

The Daily Public

Magazine in Buffalo, New York. Weekly in print, daily online.


A New York City-based investigative journalism nonprofit. Profiled by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Revolution News

Independent and international news website.

The Daily Dot

Internet news site based in Austin and launched in 2011.


A dating, nightlife, and pop culture website.

The Cryptosphere

Internet news site launched in 2014.

The TCU Magazine

The magazine of my alma mater, TCU, published since 1958.

  • Echoes of the past 13 January 2014. Spanish professor Bonnie Frederick explores Muslim influence on Texas architecture.
  • Resourceful outplacement 13 January 2014. Notable alum: Dan Davenport, RiseSmart.
  • A new chapter 6 January 2014. Notable alum: Nancy Spencer, Reading Friends.
  • French connection 18 October 2013. New program examines national identity among immigrants.
  • Market driven 18 October 2013. Neeley students learn the art of haggling in Peru.
  • Dr. Ric Bonnell '98 helps where it hurts most 8 October 2013. Alum lends his medical training and knowledge to Haitians, whose healthcare system is among the worst in the Western hemisphere. Internet Archive copy.
  • Paying the way 30 July 2013. TCU pilot internship scholarship program.
  • Frankie goes to Fort Worth 20 July 2013. Notable alum: Guy Stroman. Internet Archive copy.
  • Social media, re-engineered 20 July 2013. Notable alums: Baer Bradford and Tito Soto, Create Labs. Internet Archive copy.
  • Design with a flair 20 July 2013. Notable alum: Nathan Sharp, MINE.
  • Wine into water 25 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Stephen Lewis, Tithe Wines.
  • Stay wired! 10 Jan 2013. Notable alum: John Campbell, Stay Wired! Coffeehouse and Computer Service.
  • Light fantastic 10 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Mike Cocanower, Inside Image Design.
  • Not alone 9 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Nick Meyer, Nisolo Shoes.
  • Sentimental journey 18 Oct 2012. The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz Ensemble.


The website for the North Texas affiliate of CBS News.


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