Vice News

Digital media and broadcasting company based in US/Canada.

News website founded in 1995.

The Daily Public

Magazine in Buffalo, New York. Weekly in print, daily online.


A New York City-based investigative journalism nonprofit. Profiled by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Revolution News

Independent and international news website.

The Daily Dot

Internet news site based in Austin and launched in 2011.


A dating, nightlife, and pop culture website.

The Cryptosphere

Internet news site launched in 2014.

The TCU Magazine

The magazine of my alma mater, TCU, published since 1958.

  • Echoes of the past 13 January 2014. Spanish professor Bonnie Frederick explores Muslim influence on Texas architecture.
  • Resourceful outplacement 13 January 2014. Notable alum: Dan Davenport, RiseSmart.
  • A new chapter 6 January 2014. Notable alum: Nancy Spencer, Reading Friends.
  • French connection 18 October 2013. New program examines national identity among immigrants.
  • Market driven 18 October 2013. Neeley students learn the art of haggling in Peru.
  • Dr. Ric Bonnell '98 helps where it hurts most 8 October 2013. Alum lends his medical training and knowledge to Haitians, whose healthcare system is among the worst in the Western hemisphere. Internet Archive copy.
  • Paying the way 30 July 2013. TCU pilot internship scholarship program.
  • Frankie goes to Fort Worth 20 July 2013. Notable alum: Guy Stroman. Internet Archive copy.
  • Social media, re-engineered 20 July 2013. Notable alums: Baer Bradford and Tito Soto, Create Labs. Internet Archive copy.
  • Design with a flair 20 July 2013. Notable alum: Nathan Sharp, MINE.
  • Wine into water 25 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Stephen Lewis, Tithe Wines.
  • Stay wired! 10 Jan 2013. Notable alum: John Campbell, Stay Wired! Coffeehouse and Computer Service.
  • Light fantastic 10 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Mike Cocanower, Inside Image Design.
  • Not alone 9 Jan 2013. Notable alum: Nick Meyer, Nisolo Shoes.
  • Sentimental journey 18 Oct 2012. The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz Ensemble.


The website for the North Texas affiliate of CBS News.


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