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No Caffeine Day 9

Today marks Day 9 of my 30-day(-minimum!) experiment cutting out caffeine.

Once — perhaps on Day 5; can’t really remember — I completely forgot what I was doing and had a miniscule amount of chocolate. I don’t plan on repeating my mistake, but regardless, that minor intake of caffeine doesn’t seem to have made any impact on my results. I feel at liberty to completely discount it. =)

So, my results? I totally have more energy now. Enough so others have noticed. Not enough for my liking, however; I need to exercise more consistently and such for that. Overall, though, the energy increase easily has been worth the 7-or-so days of miserable caffeine withdrawal. Also: I fall asleep faster now. Within 10 minutes. That probably has more to do with a consistent bedtime than with cutting out caffeine.

I don’t find avoiding caffeine difficult in any emotional way — especially after enjoying the energy increase. I’d prefer being able to eat chocolate, but, eh, ’tis better for me not to anyway! The only real difficulty I’ve found is that it’s easy to accidently consume something that does contain caffeine. Seems every drink and piece of candy has some. Grr. I suppose the only solution is to be incredibly conscious of everything you eat or drink.

If you’re considering cutting out caffeine, I highly recommend it.

Cutting out Caffeine

As of today I’m cutting caffeine out of my diet. At least for a month (until December 15th). I’m doing it mostly as an experiment to see if I have more or less energy as a consequence. I’ve done it before, several times, with both positive and negative effects. However, I’ve never stuck with it for 30 days and recorded my results. Now I will!

Hello World

This is a personal blog for me, Douglas Lucas. Upcoming content will focus on my experience at Clarion West, which I attended in 2008. Beyond that, I plan to keep this blog centered around my own life, rather than around some specialized topic. I do keep, by hand, a personal journal (God forbid I use the word diary); so, my posts here at Babel Krieg aren’t going to be confessionals. Expect content about writing, reading, and most of all, random baubels idiosyncratic to yours truly.

And…why the name Babel Krieg? I’m not sure yet; I’ll let you know when and if I am. =)