ConDFW 2009 Friday

This weekend I’m attending the 8th ConDFW Science Fiction Convention, in Dallas, at the Crowne Plaza near the intersection of I-75 and LBJ. Blogging from my hotel room now, actually.

It’s my first science fiction convention. There’s panels about writing, writers giving readings, signings, art shows, charity book swaps, a Spelling Bee, a computer gaming room — you name it. Pretty nerdy, ‘smatter fact. Definitely interesting.

I don’t know anyone here (yet), although an intense man from The Luna Project told me about his (local) organization’s goal of leaving for the moon by 31 July 2012. I hope they make it.

Thus far I have sat through three panels: “Big or Small: Novel vs. Short Story Writing”; “Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit”; and, “The Aspiring Writers Panel.”

Here’s a picture I snapped at “The Aspiring Writers Panel.” From left: Jim Butcher, Paul Black, Patrice Sarath, and David Weber. The eternal debate about art vs. commerce arose, floated around loftily, and crash-landed somewhere in the parking lot back behind the hotel. Enjoyable to watch, that one.

Mostly I heard stuff I’ve heard before, but it’s nice to be reminded of good advice from time to time. At one panel Teresa Patterson suggested a strategy for writing a short story (and I paraphrase mightily): find the climactic moment, figure out who’s present, and then work backward from there. Sounds like one good way to construct a tribal lay, as Kipling might say. The best line from all three panels: It’s true, a panelist said, “I committed space opera.”

I should go meet people now!


#1 Kira on 02.20.09 at 11:53 pm

Go! Meet people! And if you ever are at a loss for words, just slip them a copy of _Glenn_. They’ll definitely have questions. :)

#2 Tracy on 02.21.09 at 2:14 pm

Oh, the eternal art vs. commerce debate! Don’t they know that the world subsists off the blood of writers? Open up those arteries baby!

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