U.S. Customs and Border Protection PDF I obtained in 2014 via a Freedom of Information Act request seeking any and all records referring to Mexican military helicopters or Mexican police helicopters entering U.S. airspace between January 1, 2010 to April 30, 2014. See my article The Counterinsurgency War On—and Inside—Our Borders.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration PDF I obtained in 2013. Contains the content for these three records from the 1970s about the legal case of George de Mohrenschildt (Oswald's handler) against the government of Haiti.

PDF transcript of journalist Barrett Brown's December 16, 2014 sentencing hearing. Sealed bench conferences liberated from redaction. See my article Barrett Brown vs. the Department of Justice: Blurring the Lines of Journalism.

PDF judgment in journalist Barrett Brown's case following his January 22, 2015 sentencing hearing. See my article Barrett Brown vs. the Department of Justice: Defining the right to link.

PDF transcript of journalist Barrett Brown's January 22, 2015 sentencing hearing. See my article Barrett Brown vs. the Department of Justice: Defining the right to link.

PDFs from Austin Police Department regarding the 2011 theft of the truck belonging to Dell director of fulfillment operations John McDonald: a crime report and a search. See my article Stratfor, Where's My Truck?

PDF filing off PACER from Matt DeHart's case. It's the full 15 pages without redactions. The PDF includes an FBI 302 report and other data. See my article Anonymous activist Matt DeHart sentenced to 7.5 years.

Regarding Reality Winner's hearing on her defense's motion to suppress her statements, PDF of scheduling order, PDFs of the defense's motion to suppress and the memorandum in support of same, a PDF of the prosecution response, and PDF of the defense's further support of her motion to suppress (the defense's response to the prosecution's response).

2-page PDF of a flyer that was handed out at the March 7, 2018 Behavioral Health Advisory Council meeting in Washington state. The flyer regards changes to the involuntary treatment law for substance use disorder. See my blog post Two surprising statements at Washington’s March 2018 Behavioral Health Advisory Council reveal dehumanization of the vulnerable, show need for solutions.

Ex-WikiLeaker Heather Marsh's letter before action (threat to sue) to the Oxford Union for censoring their own video of her February 2018 whistleblowing panel at the behest of fellow panelist, former Defense Intelligence Agency head and CIA senior management David Shedd. See my article Irony: Oxford Union Won't Release Video of Whistleblowing Panel published in Buffalo's The Public.

Regarding Reality Winner's sentencing, PDF of her change of plea to guilty, PDF of prosecution's sentencing memo, PDF of defense's sentencing memo. PDF of the superseding indictment. Also transcript of her Sept 2017 detention hearing. See my article Reality Winner sentenced to 63 months

PDFs for Matt DeHart's lawsuit against his warden, seeking restoration of his time served while in Canada. DeHart's July 2018 petition with exhibits: A (sentencing transcript), B (July 2017 sentencing calculations), C (Miranda's memo), D (August 2017 sentencing recalculations), E (DeHart's national administrative appeal), F (BOP's response to DeHart's national administrative appeal). Warden's September 2018 response to DeHart's petition with exhibit (declaration of Stephen P. Smith). October 2018 reply by DeHart to Warden's response, with exhibit (declaration of Paul J. DeHart). See my article: Anonymous activist Matt DeHart sentenced to 7.5 years and (hopefully) forthcoming.

Re Matt DeHart's thumb drives, Canadian notice of seizure.

PDF transcript (30 pages) of Reality Winner's August 23, 2018 sentencing hearing. Obtained 8 July 2019 off PACER after call to court reporter. See my article Reality Winner sentenced to 63 months.

PDF of Reality Winner's plea agreement filed the day of her August 23, 2018 sentencing hearing, which made it more difficult for journalists (or at least me) to bring this information to the public, as there was no time to read the plea deal in advance. See my article Reality Winner sentenced to 63 months.

One-page PDF of my letter, dated 4 February 2020, in support of Russiagate whistleblower Reality Winner's clemency petition. See my blog post dated 13 January 2020 and updated/revised 4 February 2020, My letter (and your letter!) supporting Russiagate whistleblower Reality Winner's clemency petition.

4-page PDF of Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan's filed 16 March 2020, signed and dated 14 March 2020, temporary ban on residential evictions for non-payment of rent, until either approx mid April or end of the mayorally proclaimed civil emergency, whichever is first, though this ban may be extended by the mayor at some point. The ban says also that temporarily, no late fees or other charges due to late payment of rent shall accrue during the ban. It's City of Seattle Clerk File 321650. Search Seattle's Clerk Files Index.

On 5 May 2020, Dr. Rick Bright filed a whistleblower complaint to the federal Office of Special Counsel. The law firm representing him put an 89-page PDF version of that complaint, with redactions and no exhibits, on their website. I scraped that document and put it here: DrBrightWhistleblowerComplaintRedactedNoExhibits_5May2020.pdf. On the same day, the Washington Post wrote about Dr. Rick Bright's whistleblower complaint and that article linked to the Washington Post's publication of many of his exhibits. I scraped that WaPo exhibits document and put it here: DrBrightWhistleblowerComplaintExhibits_WaPo_5May2020.pdf. The WaPo version of the exhibits document stops after the 60th exhibit and is missing some exhibits. I don't know how many exhibits grand total there are in the real version of Dr. Bright's whistleblower complaint filed at the Office of the Special Counsel. I made a handy list of which exhibits, 1-60, are included, and which are apparently missing, in the WaPo version. It seems 33 exhibits total are missing. If you search the transcript, at Rev or C-SPAN, of Dr. Bright's 14 May 2020 testimony to the federal House (energy and commerce subcommittee on health), for the word 'exhibit', Dr. Bright says the full set of exhibits wasn't made public due to privacy and legal concerns, but he also says he'll make the full set available ... but whether that's only to certain/all Congressmembers or also to the rest of us, remains unclear. The documents belong to the public.


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