Footnote re requiring

From the book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy by David Leigh and Luke Harding. Leigh was the Guardian’s executive editor who dealt with Assange at the time and can’t handle a passphrase, but who has certainly done a lot of business:


(Keller’s excuse is full of shit but that’s another story.)

Footnote re ways

The recent, truly helpful leak of NSA XKeyscore code, which assists pro-freedom hackers in building better defenses against surveillance, was NOT a Greewald report.

Footnote re “in sync”

Julian Assange was arrested in sync with his organization’s world-shaking release of State Department cables. In sync as correlation is fact, check the calendar. In sync as causation? Arguing that would require first understanding the (historically predictable) “official” version of the causation: The arrest was due to some combination of surprisingly empty sexual misconduct allegations that turned into this:

But arguing causation is not necessary, for “in sync” comes from the word synchronicity, which means “together in time”: correlation. The word has an exact meaning, and that is the meaning I am using.