Oops I missed Week 15

Note: In 2020, I’m writing 52 blog posts, one per week, released on Mondays or so…except when I’m not because reasons, life, etc. This is a placeholder ‘oops’ post for Week 15. Except with something short and fun quickly thrown in, as follows:

If, like me, you’re something of an aspiring housewife (sorry not sorry, redpill manosphere masculinists), or also like me, you’re maybe just a human who isn’t sadly dissociated from the obvious biological reality that eating food is relevant and thus you might want to become skilled at all subjects around it — including cleaning your kitchen — rather than lumber on as a Trumpenstein Monster powered by corporate fast food and corporate Diet Coke / Killer Coke, then, you might be just as glad as I am to watch the world’s most informative video. In about thirty seconds of history making, this video exposes the classified secret of how to defeat evil garbage bags that refuse to open in your hands, especially when you’re stressed. This revelatory video has changed my life for the better. Now it will change yours. Behold:

For anyone who can’t access the video, as for example, the entire human race when Silicon Valley decides to unplug everything, and you’re reading this off a print-out or the backs of your eyelids, it’s a Texan with a kickass accent, somewhat from round about the parts where I grew up, explaining a great trick for opening a recalcitrant garbage bag. In my words, the trick is simple: Wet your fingers a tad under a faucet or some such, and then try again to open the garbage bag. It will now marvelously obey your intentions and manifestations of love and light, etc.

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